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Why I Keep Coming Back to Avery Dennison Wrap Training

 This is a blog that we did for Avery Dennison a few years ago.
 I’ve spent five years installing wraps on cars for my business, Bullit Auto. Over those five years, I’ve really honed my skills, but I make sure to go to the Avery Dennison wrap training classes every time they’re in North Carolina. Even with all the installations I’ve done in my shop, I always seem to come away from the class with improved technique.

This year, I participated in the class in Welcome, NC from Feb. 22­23. Aside from being a great refresher on the finer points of wrap installation, the class offers an opportunity for local installers to network. There are not a lot of installers in my area, so networking with other people in the industry can be a difficult task.

In a business where word of mouth generates many new customers, networking opportunities cannot be overlooked. The Avery Dennison Wrap Training in my area makes collaboration possible by bringing together installers from North Carolina and Virginia.  The instructor of my Intermediate/Advanced Class, Justin Pate, travels the world learning and developing the latest and greatest wrap installation techniques. This constant learning gives him the ability to share new insights year after year. The tip I learned in this year’s class was a more proficient way to wrap corners. Typically, installers start with flat surfaces, such as the middle of a car’s hood, but this can leave excess material at the corners. Justin showed us how starting installations at the corners can lead to wrinkle free wraps.

My plan is to go to these classes every year that they are offered. I have come away with valuable information and experience each time. I also recommend that new installers take advantage of the Avery Dennison Basic/Intermediate wrap training. It gives them a chance to do hands­on practice without consequence. Auto detail shops can handle very expensive cars, and those are not the projects you want to use as practice.

Avery Dennison is holding 15 Basic/Intermediate and 18 Intermediate/Advanced graphics installations classes across the United States and Canada in 2016. There will also be 16 opportunities to take the certification exam to earn the designation of Certified Wrap Installer. To learn more about the classes and the Avery Dennison certification exam, visit­center/wrap-training.html

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Guest Blog for Avery Dennison
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