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Why choose Bullitt Auto for your Automotive Wrap?

Raleigh’s Best Vehicle Wraps

At Bullitt Auto Wraps, we are truly dedicated to our customers, and providing a customization job that is of the highest quality. We have been doing work in the area for over 10 years, and have successfully wrapped just about any vehicle under the sun. We have been entrusted with all of the highest end cars, and we make sure that everyone leaves happy with the work. When you are looking for any kind of automotive customization in Raleigh, look no further than Bullitt Auto

Our Vehicle Wrap Installation Process

Step 1: Complete exterior inspection, and take care of any problem areas in the finish to ensure that there are no visual imperfections in the final vinyl wrap.

Step 2: Evaluate the body lines of the car to determine what we need to remove to give the factory paint look that we deliver. This could include bumpers, body panels, trim, logos, etc. The goal of every vinyl wrap job that we do is to be indistinguishable from factory paint, and that is what we deliver.

Step 3: The wrap is done by highly qualified, certified wrap professionals, and not by hourly hired help. Most wraps are done by Ken, the business founder, and he is well known in the wrap industry for his cutting edge techniques, which result in a high-quality car wrap job in Raleigh.

Step 4: Careful reassembly of all the body panels, logos, etc. Final inspection of the wrap to ensure that everything is up to our quality standards. We like to let it settle for at least 12 hours to make sure that all the areas of the Vinyl wrap are settling in the way that we like to see.