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Bullitt Auto is the leader in brake caliper painting applications in the Raleigh area. There is nothing worse than having a nice set of wheels on your car, and the only thing that you can see is those ugly old brake calipers.  Let us spice them up with our OEM-grade color painting process.  We will have you with the best-looking painted brake calipers in Raleigh in no time.

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Raleigh Brake Caliper Painting

Do You Paint Brake Calipers?

Of course, we do! Now is the time to spice things up with high-quality brake caliper paint.

Raleigh Brake Caliper Painting Process

We take our work very seriously, and anything that leaves our garage has our stamp of approval.  So, we have a process for painting brake calipers that ensures a consistent, quality paint job every time.  Below are the steps we take to ensure that your brake calipers are painted to our high-quality standards.

  • Remove wheels
  • Jack up the vehicle.
  • Mask off any parts we do not want to treat.
  • Thoroughly clean the calipers, removing brake dust, and any residual grime.
  • Paint the brake calipers with primer.
  • Apply a heat-resistant brake paint.
  • Apply factory or custom logos.
  • Finish the brake caliper with a clear coat.
  • Final inspection of the painted caliper.

This is the process that we have used for years on brake calipers, and the result is as good, or better than the stock paint job.  If your calipers are black or silver from the factory, this is one of the best upgrades that you can do to really set your car apart.

Brake Caliper Color Selection

Not too long ago, there were only a handful of colors available, but these days, there is quite a selection of brake caliper paints to fit your needs.  Since a large portion of the vehicles come with black or silver brake calipers from the factory, any color you choose will certainly set you apart.  The paints are formulated for high heat applications, so the finish actually wears much better than the factory paint and adds an extra layer of protection for your brakes.  Below are some of the standard colors we offer:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Silver

Why choose Bullitt Auto for Caliper Painting?

Bullitt Auto has been performing brake caliper paint jobs for the past 10 years. We take great pride in our work and care about our customers.  We take the time to do things the right way, even though many times, there is a shortcut we could take, but the top-rate quality is what we stand behind.  We like to think that our return customer base for different services demonstrates our pursuit of excellence, and our dedication to our customers.  Thanks for considering us!

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Raleigh Brake Caliper Painting
Raleigh Brake Caliper Painting
Raleigh Brake Caliper Painting

Bullitt Auto- Raleigh’s Leader in Car Wrap Technology

Doing things the right way for over 10 years.

Bullitt Auto Wraps is the premier car wrap customization shop in Raleigh. We have all of the latest tools, and we are constantly going to conventions to both share our new techniques, as well as learn from others. We are very particular when it comes to which products we will work with, and we do not use any lower quality vinyl, as it does not produce the quality standards that we hold ourselves to. Some of the film brands we use include Avery, Xpel, 3M, and Suntek. We offer the following services, and more: full-color change wraps, chrome wraps, matte wraps, commercial wraps, custom car wrap designs, window tint, Paint Protection Film (clear bra), brake caliper painting, car graphics, commercial wraps, wheel wraps, and some custom lip/spoiler installations.

The advances in vinyl wrap technology have come a long way in the past 10 years. With the evolution of high-quality films, and cutting-edge installation techniques, wrapping your vehicle has become the preferred way to transform your car, without changing the factory paint job.  Advantages of car vinyl wrap over paint include full paint protection, maintaining vehicle value maintaining stock paint, flexibility to change colors multiple times before you would spend as much as one paint job, and the freedom to unlock complete creativity with a vehicle wrap design.  They are also easy to remove, and the wraps that we use do not leave behind any adhesive on the paint.

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