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Bullitt Auto is the leader in commercial wrap installations in the Raleigh area. Commercial wraps are a great investment, because the more you drive, the more people see your brand.  It is also a valuable signal that people will get from your commercial wrap.  So, a bad commercial wrap gives people a bad first impression of your business.  We will do things the right way, and give your business vehicles a fresh look.

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Best Raleigh Commercial Wrap

Why Should I be Interested in a Commercial Wrap?

We care about your business, and our goal is to make you look good!

Our Commercial Wrap Advantage

We have a simple, and cost-effective approach to vehicle graphics. We can design, print, cut, and install any decals and vehicle lettering. We have an almost endless amount of colors that we can use, or create for commercial wraps.  With the breakthroughs in color technology, we are no longer limited to the minimal color selection that was available just 5 years ago.

All of our commercial wraps start off in the detailed design process. We meet with the customer to get a good understanding of the business, what it stands for, and the purpose of the vehicle to be wrapped. Our designers start with a detailed template of the vehicle, create the design, including logos, graphics, colors, and then work with the customer to finalize a design that will really make your vehicle/company stand out from the crowd.

What a Commercial Wrap Says About Your Brand

We do all commercial graphics installations with your company in mind.  Meaning, your vehicles are an extension of your brand, and we want the graphics to be very professional. After all, first impressions last forever.

Vehicle graphics are one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of branding & advertising available, and they extend your brand’s reach to the highways, businesses, and communities of Raleigh, NC. When driven around town or parked near a busy intersection in Raleigh, Clayton, Durham, or Wake Forest, a wrapped vehicle can get the attention of between 20,000 to 45,000 potential customers per day.

Quality Materials for Your Wrap are Important

For the vehicle decals, we use the highest quality vinyl wrap products on the market today, mostly limited to 3m and Avery Dennison. It holds great on the surface, can last 5 years, and can be removed when needed, fully protecting the factory paint underneath. 

Our estimates include printing on the best quality wraps available, the best color printing technologies, and high-quality overlaminate to protect your wrap for years to come.  If you are seeking competitive offers, make sure that you compare their wrap material quality, printing technologies, and guarantee, to make sure that you have all of the information.   For example, calendered vinyl is less expensive but does not have the optimal finishing quality to ensure a high-quality finish. Calendered vinyl is not recommended for vehicle wraps and should only be considered for short-term promotional applications  Additionally non-laminated wraps are more susceptible to scratching, and heavy fading from UV light.  Make sure that you are getting quality, long-term applications for your vehicles, not just what is cheap.

Partial Commercial Wrap Solutions

Partial or ‘half’ wraps are still printed on high-quality vehicle vinyl and designed to cover only a portion of the vehicle’s body. These wraps are guaranteed attention grabbers at a much lower cost than a full car wrap. You can still communicate your brand’s message and contact information with a partial wrap at a more budget-friendly price point.

An alternative solution for advertising on a car/van would be to use over-window graphics. These are printed on a high-end, optically clear film, that allows the graphic to be viewed prominently from the outside, but visibility is still there from inside the vehicle. This allows you to use your commercial window decal for advertising, while still maintaining a safe driving environment.

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Best Raleigh Commercial Wrap
Best Raleigh Commercial Wrap
Best Raleigh Commercial Wrap

Bullitt Auto- Raleigh’s Leader in Car Wrap Technology

Doing things the right way for over 10 years.

Bullitt Auto Wraps is the premier car wrap customization shop in Raleigh. We have all of the latest tools, and we are constantly going to conventions to both share our new techniques, as well as learn from others. We are very particular when it comes to which products we will work with, and we do not use any lower quality vinyl, as it does not produce the quality standards that we hold ourselves to. Some of the film brands we use include Avery, Xpel, 3M, and Suntek. We offer the following services, and more: full-color change wraps, chrome wraps, matte wraps, commercial wraps, custom car wrap designs, window tint, Paint Protection Film (clear bra), brake caliper painting, car graphics, commercial wraps, wheel wraps, and some custom lip/spoiler installations.

The advances in vinyl wrap technology have come a long way in the past 10 years. With the evolution of high-quality films, and cutting-edge installation techniques, wrapping your vehicle has become the preferred way to transform your car, without changing the factory paint job.  Advantages of car vinyl wrap over paint include full paint protection, maintaining vehicle value maintaining stock paint, flexibility to change colors multiple times before you would spend as much as one paint job, and the freedom to unlock complete creativity with a vehicle wrap design.  They are also easy to remove, and then wraps that we use do not leave behind any adhesive on the paint.

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