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Bullitt Auto is the leader in window tinting installations in the Raleigh area. Window tinting protects the interior of your vehicle, keeps it cooler in the summer, and protects your eyes from harmful UV rays.  Add this to the fact that it looks great, and protects your privacy, and it makes it an almost necessity.  We would be honored to have your business on your next window tint job.

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Why Should I be Interested in a Window Tinting?

It protects your car, your eyes, and it will have your car looking good.

Why should I Get Window Tinting?

Window tinting has many advantages that most don’t consider, and we want to tell you why you should really consider getting your windows tinted soon.  Please find the below advantages of Raleigh window tinting, and rest assured that Bullitt Auto will ensure a complete factory-looking application, and will back it with our satisfaction guarantee.

Skin Protection

By stopping virtually all UV rays, tinting your windows will protect your skin, and eyes from permanent damage.  This means it will greatly reduce your exposure to harmful UV light that causes various types of skin cancer, and protect your eyes from permanent damage from light exposure.  If you are in your car as much as we are, this can really add up, and keep you healthy, and happy!

Interior Protection

Another thing that unfiltered UV light does is cause advanced fading in your car’s interior.  Adding window tinting will block the majority of these harmful UV rays, which will leave your interior looking good for years to come.  This will also give you a boost in resale value, like a car with a better interior, and less cracking/fading will command a higher selling price on the secondary market.

Shatter Protection

An additional safety feature that window tinting provides is a shatter-resistant quality added to the windows.  We never like to think about being in an accident, but if it were to happen, it is natural to want it to be as safe as it could possibly be.  A little-known benefit of adding window tint film to the windows of your car is that it essentially creates a web that is much more likely to stay together instead of shattering in the case of an impact.  Minimizing the risk of flying glass shards is certainly an advantage with regard to vehicle safety.

Decrease Interior Heat

As we know, it can get pretty hot in Raleigh most of the year.  With window tinting added to your vehicle, it can provide 80% less solar heating, which drastically reduces in-car temperatures during the warm months.  This means you have a cooler car to get into on summer days, and you will need less AC while operating the vehicle, which means that you will also be saving on gas usage.

Cut Dangerous Glare

Direct sunlight can be very dangerous while driving.  It can impede decision-making when you are driving in the sun and can cause you to make bad decisions while driving.  So, adding a window tint will be another safety-enhancing feature that you can add to your car.  Think of it as an extra pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes, and let you make fully-informed decisions when driving in harsh sunlight.

Makes Your Car Look Great

With all of the benefits of tinting windows, this is our personal favorite.  At the end of the day, tinting the windows of your car just make it look good!  A lot of times, the new cars come with some type of tinting on the back windows, but the front windows are left un-tinted.  So, tinting the front windows can give it a more complete design look, as opposed to half being tinted, half un-tinted.

Privacy Benefit

The final benefit that we want to offer is that it adds an additional layer of safety, by giving your car’s content, and people additional privacy.  This is important because criminals often target specific content when considering breaking into a car, and if they can not see what is inside, it will make it a much less appealing target.

Why choose Bullitt Auto?

Bullitt Auto has been performing window tinting installations for the past 10 years. Through years of experience, we’ve acquired the knowledge and experience needed to take on the most challenging applications. We have tinted almost anything imaginable, and guarantee full satisfaction, or we will do what we need to do to make it right.  Our customers are everything to us, and we do everything possible to ensure that we are your one-stop-shop for all of your automotive styling needs.  We would be honored to have your next window tinting job in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Clayton, Apex, Durham, or wherever you may live.

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Raleigh Window tint Raleigh
Raleigh Window tint Raleigh
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Bullitt Auto- Raleigh’s Leader in Car Wrap Technology

Doing things the right way for over 10 years.

Bullitt Auto Wraps is the premier car wrap customization shop in Raleigh. We have all of the latest tools, and we are constantly going to conventions to both share our new techniques, as well as learn from others. We are very particular when it comes to which products we will work with, and we do not use any lower quality vinyl, as it does not produce the quality standards that we hold ourselves to. Some of the film brands we use include Avery, Xpel, 3M, and Suntek. We offer the following services, and more: full-color change wraps, chrome wraps, matte wraps, commercial wraps, custom car wrap designs, window tint, Paint Protection Film (clear bra), brake caliper painting, car graphics, commercial wraps, wheel wraps, and some custom lip/spoiler installations.

The advances in vinyl wrap technology have come a long way in the past 10 years. With the evolution of high-quality films, and cutting-edge installation techniques, wrapping your vehicle has become the preferred way to transform your car, without changing the factory paint job.  Advantages of car vinyl wrap over paint include full paint protection, maintaining vehicle value maintaining stock paint, flexibility to change colors multiple times before you would spend as much as one paint job, and the freedom to unlock complete creativity with a vehicle wrap design.  They are also easy to remove, and the wraps that we use do not leave behind any adhesive on the paint.

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