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Raleigh Vinyl Car Wraps
Raleigh Vinyl Car Wraps
Raleigh Vinyl Car Wraps
Raleigh Vinyl Car Wraps
Raleigh Vinyl Car Wraps
Raleigh Vinyl Car Wraps

Raleigh Vehicle Wraps Done Right

Bullitt Auto Wraps is the premier car wrap customization shop in Raleigh. We have all of the latest tools, and we are constantly going to conventions to both share our new techniques, as well as learning from others. We are very particular when it comes to which products we will work with, and we do not use any lower quality vinyl, as it does not produce the quality standards that we hold ourselves to. Some of the film brands we use include Avery, Xpel, 3M, and Suntek. We offer the following services, and more:  full color change wraps, chrome wraps, matte wraps, custom car wrap designs, window tint, Paint Protection Film (clear bra), brake caliper painting, wheel wraps, and some custom lip/spoiler installations.

Professional Wrap Installation

The advances in the vinyl wrap technology has come a long way in the past 10 years. With the evolution of high quality films, and cutting edge installation techniques, wrapping your vehicle has become the preferred way to transform your car, without changing the factory paint job.  Advantages of car vinyl wraps  over paint include: full paint protection, maintaining vehicle value maintaining stock paint, flexibility to change colors multiple times before you would spend as much as one paint job, and the freedom to unlock complete creativity with a vehicle wrap design.  They are also easy to remove, and the wraps that we use do not leave behind any adhesive on the paint.

Benefits of Wraps vs Paint

Many people who are considering a Raleigh car wrap are thinking in terms of looks, but the value that we provide goes much deeper than the film.  We have been doing this for over 10 years, and we have been on the cutting edge of car wrap techniques from the very beginning.  We have personally contributed techniques to the wrap community as a whole, and we continue to push the envelope to ensure that you are getting the absolute highest quality wrap every time.

Chrome Wraps Raleigh

We get asked alot about chrome wraps, and yes, we do specialize in chrome wraps in Raleigh.  With chrome wraps, there are some things you should know.  First, they are more expensive than normal vinyl wraps because the film itself costs as much as 4x what a normal color would cost, and on top of that, it is thicker, and less malleable than other wrap types, so it takes much longer to get a perfect installation.  One thing is for sure, chrome is expensive, but it is an absolute showstopper.

Full Service Provider

Bullitt Auto Wraps is Raleigh’s Vinyl Wrap shop, and we want to be your one stop shop when you are ready to change things up with your automotive styling. Give us a call today, and we will get the journey started.  It has never been a better time for a new car wrap, window tinting, or even paint protection film.





We do things the right way, which is not always the easy way.

Why choose Bullitt Auto for your Automotive Wrap?

There are plenty of reasons. We use a very specific process for each vehicle to make sure that each wrap is of the highest quality standards in the industry.  Please see the breakdown of our car wrap process below to see what sets us apart from the competition.

Our Vehicle Wrap Installation Process

Step 1: Complete exterior inspection, and take care of any problem areas in the finish to ensure that there are no visual imperfections in the final vinyl wrap.

Step 2: Evaluate the body lines of the car to determine what we need to remove to give the factory paint look that we deliver.  This could include bumpers, body panels, trim, logos, etc.  The goal of every vinyl wrap job that we do is to be indistinguishable from factory paint, and that is what we deliver.

Step 3: The wrap is done by highly qualified, certified wrap professionals, and not by hourly hired help.  Most wraps are done by Ken, the business founder, and he is well known in the wrap industry for his cutting edge techniques, that result in a high quality car wrap job in Raleigh.

Step 4: Careful reassembly of all the body panels, logos, etc.  Final inspection of the wrap to ensure that everything is up to our quality standards.  We like to let it settle for at least 12 hours to make sure that all the areas of the Vinyl wrap are settling in the way that we like to see.

Raleigh’s Best Vehicle Wraps

At Bullitt Auto Wraps, we are truly dedicated to our customers, and providing a customization job that is of the highest quality.  We have been doing work in the area for over 10 years, and have successfully wrapped just about any vehicle under the sun.  We have been entrusted with all of the highest end cars, and we make sure that everyone leaves happy with the work.  When you are looking for any kind of automotive customization in Raleigh, look no further than Bullitt Auto!

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    We are based in Clayton, NC, but have customers all over the triangle, and even in other states.  For areas in the Triangle, we offer a pickup/delivery service to accommodate your busy schedule.  Customers our are top priority, and it is our goal to provide a white glove service every time. Here are the communities we serve:

    – Clayton, NC 

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